Construction Companies have a unique opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects for various kinds of businesses. As a successful company, you can highlight what makes your company great and set yourselves a part as the company that people want to work with on their next project. Videos are a great way to share your values and showcase your greatest projects to date.


Triangle Construction approached us with the desire to produce several videos that would help them share their values as a company and showcase what sets them a part as a company. Through each video we created for them, we were not only able to capture the beautiful things they have built, but we were also able to tell the story of the people behind the scenes that make the company what it is today.

Short Promo
Triangle wanted a short video that they could use during their presentation at bids. This would give their potential clients a taste, not only of the great work they can deliver, but the wonderful people that you will get to work with along the way during your project. This video also lives on the homepage of their website and is a great place to start for a potential client who is doing research online.

Client Testimonial
After interviewing several past clients and sub-contractors, we were able to put together a testimonial video that really spoke to the positive experience others have had when working with Triangle over the years.

Who We Are
Triangle Construction has a rich history of 70 years and this video highlights all of the people that have made it the company that it is today. From the founders, to past retirees who worked for the company for over 50 years, to current leaders in the company - this video reveals the foundation that Triangle was built on and that is still evident today.

Website Reel
Over the span of this project, we captured a lot of great footage on job sites and in the office. Using this type of footage as a background on the homepage of your website can help draw attention for first-time visitors to your site