Triangle Construction

Triangle Construction has built the upstate. More than the awesome buildings they create, what sets them apart from the other guys is their people. With over 70 years of experience, Triangle knows how to treat people and satisfy their clients. 

Upstate Pediatric Dentisty

Dr. Brian and his team at Upstate Pediatric Dentistry are the experts on taking care of your kids teeth while making it fun and relaxing for both the patients and their parents. We were excited to help capture the amazing atmosphere and passion for taking care of your teeth in a fun environment. Check it out for yourself!

Tandem Creperie

Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse is one of our favorite places to visit in Travelers Rest, SC. We were excited to capture their story as they shared about their passion for hospitality along with delicious food and coffee. When you visit Tandem the whole experience is a memorable one, from the time you order until you finish your last bite. You will leave wanting to come back soon! 

Swamp Rabbit Cafe

The Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery, located in Greenville SC is an iconic stop along the famous Swamp Rabbit Trail. They are best known for their delicious cafe and locally sourced groceries. We had the privilege of working with them to help tell there story and as they launched their crowdfunding campaign to help launch Swamp Pizza. 

Brave UX

Brave UX is a user experience agency located in Washington D.C. Working alongside Brave, we crafted a case study video showing off their collaboration with one of their clients, Stretch Internet. Capturing a lot of beautiful footage, we also put together an awesome two-minute video highlighting how Brave is solving the worlds problem and looking good while doing just that. 

Siempo Kickstarter

Siempo is more than a phone. It is a way of life that reclaims our most valuable, finite resource: our time. By creating tools that promote intentional use of time, Siempo helps people be more present, focused, and fulfilled. This video was used in their Kickstarter campaign to introduce people to Siempo's overall brand and vision, as well as the features of their first phone.

Makers Collective

Makers Collective created a 2-day conference for entrepreneurs who want to grow successful businesses - this exciting event is called Makers Summit. Over the course of two days, they confront both big picture and day-to-day challenges facing independent creatives. We had the opportunity to capture this event and hear from some of the incredible makers working hard to expand their businesses.

Once Upon A Coma Kickstarter

Thomas Brush crushed his Kickstarter campaign with his upcoming game, Once Upon A Coma. This was an exciting project where we were able to collaborate with Thomas as he shared the story of making his most impressive game yet. Thomas is a gifted storyteller, musician, and creative. It was an honor to work with him on this awesome project!